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Author Topic: TENDERHEARTED/LENORE SPEAKING  (Read 18505 times)

« on: June 18, 2005, 12:28:41 am »

 :DJUNE 17:

HERE IN ARNPRIOR, it is raining, and has been raining on and off for the last couple of days.
I was able to get the grass cut yesterday, in between the showers.

It was a daring thing to do, because I have an electric lawn mower, and the cutting the grass could be a shocking thing to do.  Can you image the electric current, making my already curly hair even more curly.

My back yard looks like a forest with trees growing along the fence line, so in between cutting the grass, I was breaking off tree branches that were in my way.
I was saying cutting the grass, most of my lawn are weedings, and most of those weeds are flowering weeds. So I left a few of the most prettier ones to grow, until then next time the grass needs to be cut.

I dont really mind cutting the grass, but it is a freqent chore to do this time of year. Every season has a outdoor chore. If it not cutting grass, it is raking the leaves in the fall, it is weeding  or it is shoveling the snow in the winter.

I have a family of squirrels, who have their nest in a tree just outside my yard, that sits in the playground that is attached to my back yard.
Those squirrels gives my cat hours of entertainment, especially if I put out some soda crackers and peanut butter and put them on the shelve outside my kitchen window.
There was a pair of them sitting out there when it was thunderstorming.
It was a gray squirrel and a black squirrel, and they were cosying up together, and showing their affection towards one another.
Until my cat caught sight of them, and leap up to the window, then they took off up the tree that grows just out side that window.

God's nature is so pleasant to watch, and the wonders of his creation, bring beauty, and awe at the wisdom of the creators planning.  Just watching those squirrels, or even the birds caring for there young. God planned all these creatures, and gave them a purpose, and these creatures does there job that God has given them.  The wiring that God has put into there systems for survival , just as God has put into our wiring and the planning he puts into our lives, for his purpose, each person is so different, different DNA, different fingerprints, and different heartbeats. The micro details that makes up each of us, show cause us to us be into total awe of him in praise and worship, and wonder. Why did God do this? BECAUSE HE LOVES US!
The lessons of natures can be so humbling, when we apply it to our own lives.


David Mauldin
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2005, 07:21:18 am »

  I enjoyed your post. I love nature also. Today my wife and I hiked the pacific crest Trail. It was in a shabby area of desert just west of Palm Spings. The area is dry and filled with shrubs yet being out in nature is great just the same.  We are going to Yosemite in a month!

« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2005, 08:53:44 am »

 :)June 22. Well it is midnight here in Arnprior!

It has been a busy few days.

On Saturday, even though the air was chilly , and the skies were cloudy. Our annual church picnic was held in yard of a member of the church.

There were volleyball games, baseball games, organized games for the kids, including a candy throw. It was a BBQ hamburgers, and hot dogs, with salads, watermelon and icecream for dessert.

It was a wonderful afternoon getting together as a body, having a little fun.

The rain held off all day, until later.  You know something, in all the years I have been a member of this church, and our annual church picnic has never been rained out.
Praise the Lord for his generousity in the weather department.

On Tuesday, was my bowling group, last bowling day for the summer. I bowled better than I have all season.

In the evening , our ladies group meet at another ladies house for the end of the season outdoor pot luck.  But unfortunately, we ate indoors.  This ladies house was small, quaint little house, perfect for a retire couple, but not for a group of 20 women, but we all fit in, maybe knee to knee, but their was plenty of room.
The guest speaker, came to our church from another church, participating in Alpha.
Any Bible Study that we run, she and two of her friends from her own church comes every Monday Night. She even threatening to camp out on the churches doorstep, even when there is no Bible series to study.
Well her family one year ago, suffer a huge trial. Her teenage daughter was in a car accident were lives were lost. Going from the accident to the court trial dates.
Because of her involvement within her own church, and with ours, prayers went up in frequency and urgency. This lady has peace that only God can give her. Her testimony last night was an inspiration of those who are going through their own trials, that Prayer of others is a great encouragement.


Our church is implementing a abuse policy that the insurance companies are insisting on, or lose the churches liability insurance.
I have been involve initial coming up with policies for the policy.
This week, I was asked by my pastor, to created a map of both levels of our church, for escape routes encase of fire and other needs, to evacuate the church.

The first draft, is already on his desk. 
God is using me in areas, where I have never would of guessed before.
You never know what you would be asked to do, in serving our Lord Jesus.

The other day, I was awaken early, but a squirrel outside my bedroom window, was that squirrel yelling.  For about 30 minutes, this squirrel kept up its yelling. I thought it was hungry, so I gave it a cracker with peanut butter. No.  I even went outside, with the dog, although the squirrel climbed a little higher in the tree. It kept yelling.  For a solid half an hour it yelled, then all of a sudden stop, and went away. I have no idea what was bothering that squirrel, but it was upset over something. 
It was a rude awakening to be yelled at a squirrel.

Today I was walking across the Madawaska Blvd Bridge, which goes over a hydro dam, The water was not flowing that much, and their are rocks . Standing on one of those rocks was a beautiful heron/crane. It had the black eye band going from the beak to the neck.
I stopped and watch this magificent bird, probably waiting on a feed of fish. What a beautiful bird!

Talk to you later


« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2005, 04:33:59 am »

 :)It is hot and humid today, and a smog air advisory has been issued for the Ottawa Valley viewing region of the local television station, at least that is what the weather report said.

Sara dropped by , and brought me her high school graduation picture. I am so proud of her, and it is a real answer to prayer.

A couple of years ago, she was dropping out of school, in the last year, she has taken 11 credit courses, including correspondence on top of her regular semester classes. SHe is pulling in 80's averages.  So Sara graduating is a real blessing in answered to many prayers.

Sara will be going to her churches camp this summer  for three weeks, where she will be camp counsellor.
Once back she will have a week to pack up and head up to college where she will be studing Business Administration.

Please keep Sara in your prayers.

Just wanted to share this exciting news .


« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2005, 08:43:00 am »

July 4th:

A week ago, Wednesday, for two days people at CMHC group were making meat pies for their Christmas in July get together with the Pembroke, Renfrew and Arnprior groups, which will occur next Wednesday.

After lunch, I grabbed a change of clothes, and a campstyle lawnchair, and headed to the private beach, that clients are allowed to use.

Even though I tried to persuade others to join me, I went alone. It was a climb down old railway track posts steps down a path through the trees.
The private beach was rocky, pebbly, and not used much.
Even in the river I kept my plastic sandals on.

Since I didnt know the beach very well, and I was alone, I swam for about 10 minutes always making sure I was able to touch the bottom, even though it was weedy.

I took the lawnchair, and put into the river, when I sat on it , the water was waist deep.
I sat there.

I was joined by a baby blue colour damel fly. I swear that thing was trying to talk to me, every time it flew off, all I had to do was lift my hand, and it landed on it again.
It looked at me with little black eyes, and was moving it two front legs.
As I sat further, a large dragon fly, settled on my chest, It was a huge , orangy-yellow dragonfly.
Then a hundred meters away was a duck, swimming, diving into the water.
On the beach there was a black crow, digging into the sand.

It was amazing being one with nature.

Even as I sat there, and a motor boat wake waves, was threatening to topple me and my chair backwards.  That damsel fly stayed on my hand.

I stayed at the beach about an hour until I was becoming chilled from the river water.

Creatures of God, accepted me within their domain. It was truly wonderful.

Thought I share this experience with you.


« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2005, 11:30:25 pm »

 :)July 19th:

I just got around to reading some of the postings:

First of all I want to say:

Marcia: I am so sorry my dear sister, in the passing of your father. I have prayed that you will find your comfort and the peace which passes understanding, through your grieve process.

I also want to thank those who are praying for my moving, I have been quite anxious about it, because I am thinking about it all the time, with look at the big picture instead of looking at the baby steps.  Thank you for your prayers and your kindness in your supportiveness and helpful hints.


Yesterday was a day of thankfulness for me yesterday.
I was in the city , which I had an appointment in the morning.

In the afternoon, I was able to spend it with both my daughters and my three grandchildren.
The baby is 6 and 1/2 months old now , and the boys  are like long thin saplings.
This was the first time , that I have had the priviledge of spending an afternoon with my total offspring.

Christie has a little daycare going, she also watches 3 -4 other children, along with her own three.
We all went to Britanna Beach.
It was about 15 minute walk from Christie's house.

It is a beautiful beach area, along the Ottawa RIver.

The baby just loved the water. Auntie Sara played with her in the water, just holding her while Sara sat on the bottom of the river. This little sweetheart just squealed with delight.
The boys swam , like most kids at the age of 7. The girls Christie daycares, there is a set of 8 year old twins and their older sister at 10.
I was givening them piggy back rides in the water, the oldest one I was flipping in the deeper part of the water, as they are not usually aloud out so deep.

What made the afternoon memory saver was,
A family of ducks came along, right up not even 6 inches away. I got a number of pictures.
But what was precious was I got all the kids to sit really still, even for a minute, and I got a handful of chips, crushed them, sprinkled them just near the kids, the ducklings came right up to the kids and ate the chips.  There was five ducklings and the mother watched from a little distances. As the food was gone, I still tried to get 5 kids and I sat on the bottom , and just waited with their fingers just below the water level. Those ducklings swam really close and around us. 
Then the kids being kids tried to touch them. And pet them. They back away, then there was a couple of teenage boys started to ch ase them.  I told them that they were really big men, chasing little ducks.

Spending time with my daughters and grandchildren and swimming with the ducks, was a special afternoon.

Thought I just share this, and hope it enlighten your day.



« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2005, 08:29:40 pm »

JUly 30th:

It is been a while since I have had a heart to heart talk with all of you.

Things are happening in my life that , lets just say is playing heavy on my heart and mind, and decisions are testing my coping abilities. But I have had fun, and good times, in among this as well.
Since the activities at the church as taken a summer break, I have been increasing my involvement with the Community Mental Health Center. I have been typing up the monthly calendar and newsletters.
I have been fortunate to be able to attend a couple of Lynx Ball games, I even done something that I have never done . I went White Water Rafting. There was three of us from Arnprior, 5 from the Renfrew group, and the rest were from Renfrew.
The other client was a 60 year old man, who is recovering from a severe stroke, and is paralyze on his left arm.
It was a great experience. We even got out of the raft, and on one of the small calmer rapids, we jumped from a rock, and floated down on the rapids on our back. With the helmet and the life jackets, it kind of interferred with the swimming toward shore , but it was fun.
When the opportunity came up, I said I was 48 years old and never done this, So I was going to do, I did it.
Today Sara moves out the rest of her stuff, as she will be moving into her apartment, which will be 5 minute walk away from her college. She and a friend of hers will be living together, but I image that their boyfriends will be there frequently.
I saw what I thought was the equalevant of my new apartment, These apartment were designed for Seniors. THey are so small. The kitchen is obviously was not designed by a woman, the kitchen is a joke. No upper cupboards, no drawers. You can get somethings out of the fridge and turn around and put it on the stove.
Then the question of the dog keeps plaguing my mind, and the advise from both pro and cons side that is given.  Even my mother said it wouldnt be fair to the other tenants to bring a big dog into a tiny apartment.
I am also now in the process of getting rid of possession. I have a pile for the garbage, I have a pile for CYSTIC FIBROS Pick Up, I have a pile to sell at a driveway sale, I am packing what I am going to take, including dusting, and cleaning before I get into to a box.
You know there are times all I want to do is crawl into bed, pull up the covers and stay there.
Well I have unburdened enough. Thanks for listening.

God Bless you for your listening ears.

« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2005, 10:46:52 pm »

Dear Tenderhearted:

Wow! What a challenging life you lead.

A lot of people don't know the excitement of white water rafting, but to go from this high, to the low of having to pack up all your things for a move?  No wonder you feel like staying in bed.  Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, and a lot of people need counseling to cope with a move.

Is there any assistance available for people who are moving?  Perhaps a team who can come and help you pack?

Isn't it interesting that God provided a white water rafting trip for you? He can do anything, and always above and beyond all we can ask or think!  Do you think God is telling you to trust Him to provide movers for you?  Maybe He saying, "stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord."  He knows if his precious child needs rest,  and He won't burden you beyond what you are able.  Have you asked your church for moving help?

I am going to pray for you:

That you wouldn't have to bear this terrible burden alone, but would have help and support.

That you would be able to rest, and that you would learn to roll your cares on the The Lord, and let Him be your strength.

That you would continue to be a bright testimony of the Grace of Jesus to your daughter Sarah, and that she would see the face of God in you.

That you would take time out from the hustle and bustle..for yourself and your spiritual renewal.

Every perfect gift comes from God, so don't worry about what you will eat  (the horrible kitchen  Wink ) or what you will wear, just put God first and He will provide all things for you, without you lifting a finger. 

That you would have mustard seed faith, the kind that can move mountains!  The kind of faith that can trust God to get you moved, and can be at peace, even as the Lord Jesus was sleeping in the boat.  He didn't row, he didn't strain or toil, he was sleeping, and at peace.

May you, His dear child be at peace, free from worry and toil.

May others also write here to encourage and support you! 



« Reply #8 on: August 08, 2005, 12:39:39 am »

August 7th Happy Lord's Day:

Well another week has come and gone, and heat wave in Canada is still upon us, with a few days of cooler non humid weather.

It has been a busy week for me once again.

Church today was on as it was communion day, was to remember.
Remember where we were before we had hope within Christ blood.
Remember how we were reconciled with God the Father through the blood of his Son
Remember where we are going.

That is good when God brings to mind things of the past we  havent dealt with, to confess them and bring them to God and feel his 100% cleaning forgiveness.

Well on the moving progress report, I have 2 bedrooms cleaned out, and washed down, and the door closed.
I have packed boxes piled high in the corner of my upstairs hallway.
I have a couple of ladies coming to help on Tuesday afternoon.

On Thursday, I had the p riviledge to go to the Lynx Ballgame again. Thanks to the CMHC.
For someone who is not really a ball fan, I am becoming quite a yelling out instructions to the Ottawa team. It was a really nail biter of a game, with 3 to 0 top of the 6 for the visitors, but by the top of the 9th, Lynx won 4 to 3.

On Tuesday 10 of us from Arnprior, attended the Alpha conference with the organizer of ALpha Nicky Gumble. Since Arnprior has been holding an ALpha course of one form or another, for the last 8 years. He is older than his video tapes, but he is the same comic type speaker , but a very clear and simple message.

It was wonderful to see an Anglian Minister, being introduced by a Catholic Monsenior, in a Peneocostal Church.  There were many denominations represented there.
As you know I prefer to identify myself a Christian [follower of Christ] who chooses to worship in a Baptist church.

Wednesday was a very active day. One of the nice things was having a picnic lunch at the beautiful Robert Simpson Park Gazebo. I went for 15 minute swim in the Ottawa, as I had just finished walking around town to do the necessary monthly errands. Picnic was part of the CMHC group activities. It was also the third time I went swimming this week. Got to keep up those exercises routines.

Well I better do my bible study home in 1 John for tomorrow night study.
Talk to you  later.



« Reply #9 on: August 14, 2005, 11:11:19 pm »

August 14th:

After reading the last weeks posting:

I guess I want to say I am sorry, every one feels that my post, have annoyed them, have not encouraged them, have not stipulated the.

I am also sorry, that I thought this was a place, where we can unburdened, share our burdens, and gain insight, glean from others in a safe, Christian atmosphere.

I am sorry that I have annoyed those who dont share my view points.

I am just sorry, and not just sorry for my self. I feel that their is value in sharing things of God with fellow Christians, whether it is a life experience, a trial, a process that we as ex assembly members have gone through.
Maybe this website have out lived it usefulness in more areas than one.

This is not a church, in building sense of the word, but in reality, where Christians congregated even on a website, to discuss issues other than 'GOD' talk, we are still a body of believers coming together for a purposes or purposes.

This morning in Sunday WOrship time it was one Psalm 107, the different type of people that cry out of God, because they have come to their wits end, and came to recognized that the only solution and the one who can help them is God . The answer is Jesus.

I will try to keep my posts from now one short and sweet and too the point.
I may fail, because I am human, and am a writer, with writers habits.

I am just thinking of the commandment that Jesus gave us, TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

If I have not applied this commandment to the rules of the website, and committed the sin of not loving you by annoying you. Then I am sorry for the annoyance and showing the Love of Christ that should be showing from my heart and attitudes.


« Reply #10 on: August 15, 2005, 08:03:32 am »

This evening services was wonderful, with B.L. speaking for vacationing Pastor B.

He spoke on the 4 things that believers do to mess up there lives.

He spoke on the passage of Genesis 16, I will be paraphrasing, because I left my notes at the church so it will be on memory alone.

God has given Abram the promise the previous chapter.

Is when the fleshly desires take over and supersede God's promises.
We cant wait.
We take matters into our own hands.
Like Sarai , giving Abram, Hagar as a second wife to conceive a child.

Another is that we listen to counsel other than from a mature Christian that counsels directly from the word of God.
B.L. told us about a former professor he had that said.
When you begin to counsel always say THE BIBLE SAYS:
That is what Jesus did. The Bible is the answer and the source for all our daily needs.

Another problem is that we tend to blame others for the consequences of our actions.
Like when Hagar began to despise Sarai, Sara went to Abram .
Instead Abram who knew God's promises, chose to take Hagar, he could of refused.
Sara gave Abram the choice.

ANother is not accepting accountability for the consequences.

I am probably mixing them up.

It was a very clear gospel message.
On how when we take things into our own hands, not wait upon God, and relying on promises of God has for us.

There is consequences like Sara and Abraham. 

We must be able to deal with the consequences, not just brush it off, or pass the buck, But acknowledge the mistake was ours and ours alone.

In that time, the culture accepted a man taking a second wife, multiple wifes were common, but it is not the world that we need to look to , but God's word we need to look to .

One warning B.L. told us about. When the world accepts the actions we are taking, we need to heed to the warning, and make sure that it is what God wants. Because the world is usually against what Christians are doing.

If you wish I can go to the church for my notebook and get the morning service and the evening service and write them down for you.Only if you wish.

It was a good service both morning and evening. I was refreshed by the WORD OF GOD.

Have a good week. I will be busy I pray that the week will be a blessing from God for each and every reader of this website.


« Reply #11 on: August 16, 2005, 02:34:58 am »

Lenore, thank you for your apology and intention to make a change in your posting -- "I will try to keep my posts from now one short and sweet and too the point." I was blessed by the hymn you posted, a new one to me. I went out to and heard the tune as well. It is perfect to share with a friend of mine who is struggling with guilt.

If I may offer my opinion on sharing Sunday ministry, my thought is that what can be effectively shared is the nugget or two that meant the most to me. Trying to share the whole sermon isn't effective because it lacks the delivery of the pastor--the outline and notes just aren't the same. And it's a long post.


« Reply #12 on: August 22, 2005, 12:57:28 am »

August 21st  HAPPY LORD'S DAY and I pray that the message you heard today, in the house of the Lord, was one of refreshment and something you can chew on and apply to your life this week.

1. Message from Pulpit:
The message was on Luke 16: 19-31
A good old fashion gospel message , about the consequences of not making time for God in your life.

I had a yard sale yesterday, I was blessed with some cash and able to get rid of some stuff.
It was interesting to people watch, which I did from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
There were some rubber necker, straining to see, from the confines of their vechiles.
Or coming to see what I had put out.
One thing was precious was a little girl, looking over the dolls I had out, and the sweetness of her face when her mother bought her two of them.


Reject: v. To refuse something
Whoever believes in the Son of Jesus has eternal life; but whoever rejects the Son wlll not see life, for God's wrath remains on him [John 3:36}

I have been thinking of the word rejection lately.
There are two maybe more responses to rejection:
Two I can think of
1. To leave and sulk with your tail between your legs, and block out the world

2. Or continue with your head held high, and not matter what people think of you, be yourself.

Both ways are isolating.



This past week, I was at Burnstown Beach in a gift shop, with a group of people on an outing.
I was browsing through the store, when I thought of my mother's birthday, Then thought when was the 13th, I thought of it was on Saturday, and this was Tuesday.
I bought her something small.
When I got home, I recalled my Mother's Birthday was in July. I had hadnt forgotten it then.

I believed that I was supposed to do something for my mother and the thought of my mother came to my mind, and the urgence of it made me act. Well it is a better way to think than thinking that old age is catching up.


I have great news to share and a blessing from God in answered prayers of many who have been praying.
Sara won a grant, paying for this years tuition in College this year. It is quite exciting .
I was telling a group of ladies at lunch today, and there was praises to God over this answer.


Even though I am a grandmother of 3, I am only 48. I love spending time with the elder women of the church, especially for lunch on Sunday after service. The youngest member today was 75, older than my own mother.
To spend time with women 25-30 years old is a great learning and precious time well worth spending.

Well I am sorry, if this post went into over time. I had a lot to share with you today, I thought sharing on one post, instead of two or three , would make it easier to read, with short sentences in each subject brought up. You know as a writer, who writes, writes and writes some more. This is very difficult for me.

I hope you all have a good week. Remember God loves you and will be with you in everything you do this week, if you only invite him.

God Bless and Keep you .



« Reply #13 on: August 29, 2005, 12:58:19 am »

Happy Lord's Day to you all on this Sunny, August 28th.

This morning service at church was a Youth Sunday, at least that way it turned out.

There was a mission team that went to Kenya this summer, young people from Toronto, and Montreal, grace our pulpit with brief testimonies of there adventure, and how the Lord has taught them lessons on spiritual maturity.

The daughter of a former pastor was there, L. Six others of her team.

Then they sang a song twice in Swaililand and then in English.

It was so glad to see these young people give their lives over the service of God.

Then a young man, who has grown up in our church, and who has two years of Bible Study at Briercrest located in Saskatchewan.
Talk about his time as a Den Leader at a High School Dorm, and then this  summer spending the entire summer at Ontario Pioneer Club Camp, leading and disciplining youths of 16-17 years Leaders in Training. These young people will be counselling campers next year.

Then he spoke a powerful message of how Jesus didnt just come down to Save us and Reconcile us to God, Jesus also came to save us to be reconciled with one another.
He had 6 points to share.

It was a great Sunday Morning, and the Lord's Day isnt finished as the evening services will be down at our Park, and Pastor B will be doing some open air preaching.

Talk to you again.


« Reply #14 on: September 06, 2005, 09:24:29 am »

Sept 6th at 12:35 am EST

While viewing the news, since Hurricane Katrina is the focal point of the news, yet in all this tragedy, there are some glimmer of hope.

The family who had a new born baby, and able to rejoice of having their family together, despite of the destruction of everything, and having nothing else.

Then the news showed how Canadians, especially people from the city of Ottawa, is rallying to help out. Including a seven year old girl going door to door, just asking for change to send to the organizations that is giving aid.

Canadians volunteers from the Red Cross, our ships loading up with Supplies, and Arm Forces Personnel, going to the area.

Even our Bible Study tonight was talking about how we would like to help, above Prayers, and sending money.
Then it was mentioned that the Pastor receive a letter from one of the churches in the area.

We heard news from the pulpit that how churches in the area, are pledging to minister to the people and not just immediate needs, but for the future until the area can get back on its feet again.

Then the idea around the group, was maybe our church can twin with a church in the area, and give support that church.

Are any of you and your churches and communities, what is happening in light of the hurricane tragedy.
2. Have you notice that the 3 or 4 airplane crash has occurred in the last month.

3.  Due to circumstances, I know I have been on the Board a lot more....
I ask to bear with me during this time.

4.  Has any of you, moved recently, and had to make a huge adjustments...from downsizing.

I have had a couple of yardsales, and it was hard at certain items, even though some of them only collected dust for the last 18 years. It was like a certain part of me went with it.
I know it sounds stupid, but regret is an emotion when ever some of the items are leaving.

Tonight Bible study we touched on Idolatry, and as I think of this, and the downsizing of stuff, because I am a sentimental type when it comes to possession, because I can give you a story of how I got it, who gave it to me, and how old I was when I got it, and the reason why I got it.
Maybe this is God's way of pruning me some, to get rid of what is keeping me from growing up within the maturity of Christ.

The Bible Study is made up by my pastor wife, who is co leading the group. It was long with a lot of homework for the week. She emails it to me, since I have one of those feeder type printers, it took 30 minutes to print out 7 pages. So when I copied it into Note Pad and tried to share it with you, I needed to divide into three parts, in order to share the Study.


5. Thanks for being a great listening ear.

Talk to you later and have a great night.

God Bless.

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