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Author Topic: Why I am Almost Done  (Read 4759 times)
« on: February 11, 2003, 03:04:29 am »

Dear Friends:

2Timothy 3:13  But evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

I awoke on November first, and immediately knew that The Lord had a job for me to do.  What you see in this website is my obedience to Him.

The events leading up to the website were years in the making, but the "last straw," was when the leaders in SLO refused to meet with Kirk Cesaretti, myself, Aaron Cantrell, and Chris Lawson, a pastor from  Calvary Chapel.  That was on October 31.

The next morning I registered to domain name, and purchased software.  I have never done a webpage, and had no idea what to do, but God provided a helper, in the person of Brian Tucker.  Brian has served as my technical go to guy, from about a 2 weeks into the website, until the present.   While he has not had any part in deciding content, his help has been invaluable.

The goal of the website is to "Tell the Church."  In many ways that has been accomplished.  George, Betty and David are in right standing with relation to the church, having been excommunicated.  They have no part in any Christian fellowship, and if they ever will in the future, they must clearly repent of many serious, shameful deeds of darkness and deceit.

Along with telling the truth about the abusive, controlling and unbiblical practices of the Geftakys Assembly,  it has been necessary to force many people into the light.  Very few of the leaders have repented voluntarily, most have only done so at "gunpoint."  Several leaders have had very suspect "repentance," not demonstrating the zeal and clarity that is spoken of in 2 Cor 7.

Still others have taken a hard line approach, and have embraced George, in spite of the fact that he is a fraud, immoral man, and a false teacher.  This is very grievous, and bespeaks the demonic nature of George's ministry and its horrible influence on the souls of his servants.  The groups led by these men, Scott Testa, Tim McCarthy, Jim McCallister and Mike Almanzor, are now, in my opinion, full blown cults.  They have chosen to follow a wicked man, and to depart from Jesus Christ, head over all things to His church.  

There is very little that can be done for these people, and I am convinced that the best thing to do is let them go.  Let them run on in the path they have chosen and meet the end that has been foreordained for them.  2 Timothy 3:8-9  Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith; but they will progress no further for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was.

The one assembly that seems to be in limbo is Omaha, where Mike Zach has positioned himself over God's people.  My final task will be to expose the unfruitful works of darkness in that place, and to give God's people there an opportunity to go free.  It is sad that Mr. Zach, like his master, does not ever admit fault, let alone repent, except as must be done to mitigate damage to his control over people.  In that case, he will so only what needs to be said to maintain his position of authority over the flock.  George did much the same thing in December, when his evil deeds were first coming to light.  He still has not repented and continues to live in denial.

My sincere prayer for Mike Zach is that, at the end, he will not follow his master down the path to perdition, but will repent and turn to Jesus Christ.  This will mean stepping down from leadership, for the remainder of his lifetime, and apologizing to many people.  If he is willing to do this, he will find blessing and rest.  should he decide to hold on in pride and self deception, his end will be similar to his master's.

Timothy Geftakys is in much the same state.  He appears to be biding his time, until an opportune time comes for him to again take the lead.  This hypocrisy is rather telling, considering Tim's lineage.

As for the many other gatherings, some are totally free, having concluded that God's will is for them to disband.  Champaign, and Providence come to mind.  The people there will find that they remain dear friends over the years, even though God has led them in a different direction.  

Others groups are sorting things out with God's help.  Among these are SLO. Arcata and Huntington Beach.

Still some others are shell-shocked, and have not been able to act yet.  Please coninue to pray for these people, because Satan's desire is that they will be brought BACK into bondage, as quickly as possible.

With regard to the bulletin board, I am concerned that it has degenerated to the point of losing its effectiveness.  To be sure there are some bright spots, but the last 2 or 3 weeks have seen a hardening of stands, with a return of Assembly style spiritual pride on the part of some, and a bitter rancor on the part of others.

There is a place to vent bitterness, it is actually helpful for some people, but the environment has become such that no one is really safe anymore.  That's how it was in the Assembly, and that is one of the main reasons my family left.  I will not allow that to continue here.  

The main point in all this is to communicate the truth.  Honest people will read here, and on the main website, and will discover the truth, they have been lied to, from day one.  Honest people will then do the right thing, and purge out the old leaven, in one way or another.

The deceivers and false teachers will hate the website, and do exactly what they have always done to people who have told the truth, they will slander, lie and do whatever they can to keep their prisoners from breaking free.  The Bible is clear that these men will grow worse and worse, and furthermore, their presence will be increasingly evident in the last days.  There is nothing I, or anyone else can do to stop a cultist.  God will end their miserable lives in His soveriegn timing.

Do not be entangled AGAIN in a yoke of bondage
1 John 5:21  Little Children, keep yourselves from idols.  Amen
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