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Author Topic: Please, keep this board alive!!  (Read 16743 times)

« on: December 16, 2009, 02:31:46 pm »

To all of you still out there..

My involvement with what you all call the assemblies, when I was involved in St. Louis during 1976-7, we called the ‘brothers’.

Dan Notti was there from Fullerton doing campus outreach with locals: Jerry, Paul, and Ken.

Another brother, Larry, led me to the Lord, and I became completely enmeshed in the prayer meetings, Bible studies, Sunday worship, moving in with a couple, etc etc.

Basically giving up my life as it was.

Then, events unwound that caused a rift to develop. I felt compelled to leave, and for almost 33 years have struggled to regain the feeling of closeness to God, family, and community.

Every few years, I would still search for some connection to that which was.

Now I read that what I have longed to re-connect with, is labeled a cult, and has been disbanded.

Have any assemblies remained, but without the acid teachings of GG?

Is anyone still here?

Please, there are thousands of us, who cycled through the assemblies that are hurting and searching for answers, need guidance and direction. Please keep this board alive!

I have spent the last three days, reading posts, gleaning through the harvested fields for the seeds that remain.  There are stirrings of hope deep within my heart for the first time in many years.

If money is an issue, post someway we could donate.

Thanx, Frank

« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2009, 09:46:12 pm »

Dear mfdcfrank,

Many of us had to process what to do with our experience in George Geftaky's Assemblies.  Many of us have done our processing and have moved onto other things which is why this board has less of an attraction for many of us.

However, I would recommend two things:
1.  Read the material on  Many articles collected over the years.
2.  Better than sharing on the board is probably one-on-one conversation (on phone or e-mail).  The board is a tool but often gets off topic, and it is not always completely safe to share in a public venue.  People have been known to be blasted for a side comment.  Or you can pour out your heart and not get much of a response. 

As for e-mail conversation, Mark Campbell, Tom Maddux, Steve and Margaret Irons, Joe Sperling are four that come to mind who have worked through their past and would probably be happy to have an ongoing conversation.  You can find their e-mails in their profiles and find the person you best connect with.

I agree that the board is not what it was when the church was crumbling.  But I'm not convinced that is a bad thing as a bulletin board may not always be the best tool for personal processing of the past.  Sometimes one-on-one conversation with focused attention, safety and privacy is better.


« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2009, 02:49:32 am »


I would suggest that if you wish to have personal communication about the Assemblies, I suggest that you unmask your e-mail address. Click on your own name. That will take you to your settings so that you can do so, if you wish to.

Tom Maddux
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