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Author Topic: THANKS  (Read 3691 times)
al Hartman

« on: November 24, 2005, 04:52:00 pm »


It is early in the morning of the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and I mean to get a jump on all the hubbub that will go into play later by posting now.

The word "thanksgiving" was meaningless to me growing up.  There was little expression of thankfulness in my parents' household.  I thought the word was just an odd name for a day off from school and a big meal.

I was not alone.  Americans, more each year it seems, have taken to wishing each other a happy "turkey day," as if the concept of expressing gratitude is embarrassing to them.

OK, I won't bore you to death-- here's the point:  I have learned to be grateful to God for His mercies to me and to all His children, and to state my gratitude in prayers expressing to Him thanks.  Along with this has come the awareness of the means He uses to bless me/us.

This post is to thank you.  This board has been important in my spiritual recovery and commitment, and everyone who has participated in it has been a specific blessing to me.  Regardless of your views (some have no doubt not posted at all, but simply read and prayed), each of you has been used by God in my life.  In turn, these blessings have been passed on to many of whom you know nothing.

My thanks to you for being you, and to our Lord for making you who you are and for using you as you are.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day (with or without the turkey).

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