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Author Topic: REMEMBRANCE DAY  (Read 5088 times)

« on: November 04, 2005, 06:20:03 am »

On NOVEMBER 11TH is the Canadian REMEMBRANCE DAY, which we honour those who have given their life, during the times of war.

In September I visited Ottawa New War Museum.

It is a beautiful museum, exploring history of war in Canada, right from in tribal wars with the First Nations of this country  all the way to the Wars of today including the War on Terrorism.

I spent from 9 to 3 with the CMHC group, which I was helping one of our group who was in a wheel chair, pushing her around. We only got through WWII. Just as we go to the Cold War it was time to board the bus.

Since Remembrance Day is Coming up. I thought we can put our Remembrance to paper in Honour of Family Members.

I am Honouring Mac Thomilson, who was killed in WWII. My mother's brother. He was one of 3 brothers of my mother who served during the Second World War. He was several fallen soldiers of the village of Braeside .

With War in Iraq and Afaghanistan, Peace Keeping around the world. Maybe we can honour people who we have knowledge about in a special way. As we share our special person, the other readers can pray for the families of those who have given there lives for our freedom.

Just an idea:


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