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: How to use this board
: editor November 16, 2002, 01:31:31 AM
A few tips to this bulletin board

Hello everyone!

I have received an email from someone which states that this board is confusing and hard to use.  I tend to agree, it took me a while to figure it out.

Here are a few tips:

Use the folders hieracrchy at the top of the board to help navigate.

Open the bulletin board in a new window to make it larger.

Be patient, It actually works very well and has some really nice features, once you get comfortable.

Always ask to be notified when there is a response to a topic.  This way you can click right on your email and get to the page you want.

Feel free to complain!  ;) We are working hard to improve things.


: Mark C. November 16, 2002, 09:09:07 AM
Hi Brent! ;D
  Loved the new article from Steve Irons.  It sure tells it all and just about breaks your heart.  Steve gave his life to George and he just stabs him in the back because Steve's Son might cause some problems for George's ministry.
  Have you been able to contact Steve?
Let's see if we can get the telethon numbers up as high as we got them at Rick Ross!
                                          God Bless,  Mark

: Re:How to use this board
: David Mauldin November 16, 2002, 11:14:38 AM
Hi Brent This is awsome! Again this has been a dream of mine for the past 5 years. Thanks for all the work.
 Let me know if I can help in any way. I have a message for Joe Sperling.  I hope he gets it.  Yes (To me also)
Rand Bates was a real example of the ideals of what a genuine Christian should be. I remember him well.
I use to work in a very large lousy convolecant home in Fullerton. Many of the people there were deserted,
 forgottenby their families.  Rand was the Lord to many of these people. He genuinly care for visited prayed with many
of them. I remember going into a dark ugly room and being so encouraged by seeing a passage of scripture
above a patients bed in beautiful (Rand) caligraphy.  Truthfully when the bible says, "If someone hits you then
turn and offer him the other cheek..." Rand is the only one I can think of who might have done it genuinely.
 I remember Rand would memorize books of the Bible. Yet during the 1980s He began to suffer from migraine headaches.
 It was common to see him during the mtgs with his hand over his nasal passage and his eyes closed in pain. I realy think it was
the stress of being so used.  The guy gave, gave, gave, He couldn't afford a car (he worked at ARIEL) After
being around the assembly for 15 years I began to notice nice people like Rand paid the highest price.

: Page view stats
: editor November 16, 2002, 12:43:00 PM
Hello everyone

From viewing some posts, it seems that some of you are interested in the "telethon." ;)

In the main section(reach it by clicking on the folder) at the bottom of the page is a thing called yabbc stats.  Click on more stats, and you will find detailed page views, etc.


: Regarding "Overcomer" members
: editor November 19, 2002, 09:05:45 PM
Dear Bulletin Board users:

Some of you have inquired what Jr. Member means, etc. and how you progress to "full" member.

Well, it is a "grace" based system. It has to do with how often you post:
0 posts=newbie
1-20 posts=junior member
21-100 posts=full member
101-200 posts=senior member
201+ posts=Overcoming member

Obviously, we all want to be good examples and become overcoming members.   ;) This will require committment on your part.  :-[ The forum, and all the controls have been provided for you, free of charge.  They can never be taken away, unless you do something really bad, like use profanity or something.  >:( It is a gift that you did nothing to earn, you only need receive it.  However, without appropriating the buttons and text fields that have been given, you remain a mere newbie.  :-\   :'(

There are many newbie's, and some of these reach junior member status.  However, very few junior members become full members, and so on.

Again, you didn't have to create this bulletin board, but you do need to lay hold of it, and everything it can do for you, in order to overcome.

By the way, the numbers of posts required to progress to the next level of membership can be changed, if we get New Revelation with regard to this part of the Bulletin board.  We'll let you know.  :-*

Appropriate use of Smilies is a good example, and may earn extra grace towards membership.  This isn't based on your effort to post, because you couldn't post unless we provided the bulletin board free of charge. So just because you are doing the typing, it is really us, at who are doing the work.  We work, while you rest.

We are not an exclusive board! Anyone may post here.  However, only members of this board can overcome. Don't settle for the "other" side of the registration agreement, like the Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh.  No, we are not exclusive, but you must be a member of this board to overcome.

So, yield to  the board!  Forget your homeword, or family, be diligent to post here, every morning and evening.  Once a month we will also have ANOP's (All Night of Posting) We encourage you to be here for those.


: Re:How to use this board
: Mark C. November 20, 2002, 02:35:17 AM
Hi Brent ;D.
  I'm on fire now! ::)  I'm going to see how many smilies I can get in a post so that I can be asked to join the Workers ;).  I will not look down from my lofty perch as an Overcomer Memeber on the other non-committed posters as some day they may catch the vision 8) like whats we got. :)
                                        God Bless,  Mark ::)

: Re:How to use this board
: editor November 20, 2002, 03:15:49 AM
Nice job Mark!  WooHooo!

Thanks for all your input, and when can we expect the next article?

We have some good stuff getting ready to come out on site in the next day or two.


: Re:How to use this board
: Mark C. November 20, 2002, 04:17:46 AM
Hi Brent,
  I can see you were impressed by my pretigious use of smilies!  I'm back at work so it will take a while for me to cook up another article.
  I will be up your way next week.  I will e-mail you.
                                               God Bless, Mark  

: Visiting SLO
: trockman November 20, 2002, 08:53:49 AM
Hi Greg

I advise that you call Kirk and Lynda to make sure that they are still in SLO when you visit. They may be moving, which will be a big bummer for us, but great for them.

I am sure we know eachother, as soon as we see eachother, the recognition will be there.  for the record, I was in Fellowship for 17 years....not that it is better than 16, I wish it was more like 4.  Oh well.


: Re:How to use this board
: Aslan213 November 20, 2002, 08:40:17 PM
Hi Everyone,

PRAISE THE LORD!...and all the saints said, PRAISE...oops, wrong site.  Just a little flashback there.  It's amazing how anything that the assembly did or said seems offensive.  This is only because one man misused the Word of God.  

BTW, Has anyone noticed Rick Ross is over 2000 views? :)

The Lord bless you,


: Have Patience!
: editor November 22, 2002, 09:45:16 AM
Hello bulletin board users!

Thank you for your overwhelming show of support!  We are all pretty stoked about this whole thing.  Of course, it is also quite new. There are lots of buttons and options that we haven't tested yet, so the look and feel of the forum is going to tweak just a little bit here and there.

Look at it as an unexpected surprise.  :D Hopefully, we won't click the wrong button and put the whole thing in chinese, or Hebrew.  At any rate, what you have here is a very powerful bulletin board run by a rank amateur. It is going to take a week or two to learn all the different administrative functions, etc.

Thanks for your support! team

: Re:How to use this board
: Aslan213 November 27, 2002, 11:58:05 AM
Hi Everyone,

<<numerous times, upon successfully signing in, I attempt to access the Member's Registration List or go to a new page and want to post and I am no longer signed in but recognized simply as a guest.>>
It looks like some of you AOL people are having problems.  I pick on AOL because they are usually the source of frustration.  There are some host servers whose software will interfere with non-AOL or non-theirhost webpages.  If the web page was not done through their host server , it may never work right.  For the rest of you, check your security settings through Internet Explorer.

Open up Internet Explorer
Click on 'Tools' in the menu bar, then on 'Internet Options'
Click on the Privacy tab
Set it to no higher than medium (Note: you will open up your computer to more cookies, but it's the price to pay - Like I say, one more cookie won't hurt  ;) )

Also, you can click on the Security tab
Under the Security level heading click on 'Custom Level'
Scroll to the bottom to User Authentication (Logon)
Select either 'Anonymous Logon' or 'Automatic Logon only in Intranet Zone' (I recommend the latter)

Provided everything else is set up correctly, you shouldn't incur this problem anymore.  If your server (internet provider) doesn't like this, then return the settings to what they were.

Also, if you have a firewall check to make sure that cookies are not blocked for this website and that automatic logon's are enabled (if it's an option).  Note:  DSL commonly includes a firewall, so you might have to go to your tech support.

Hope this helps!  :)


: Log in/out problem
: editor November 30, 2002, 12:46:25 AM

Try deleting all of your cookies. This helps the log in/out problem until we can get things fixed.

We are working on the problem. Thank you for your patience. team

: Re:How to use this board
: Aslan213 November 30, 2002, 02:21:55 PM
Hi Everyone,

Well, so much for my previous post.  :-[  I installed MSN 8 and now I have the same problem!  I found something that might work.  I log into the bulletin board and minimize the web page.  Then I open up a second incidence of the web page by double-clicking on "Internet Explorer".  Once I go onto the bulletin board, I find myself logged on because of the other web page.  I then can navigate and post replies without getting logged off.  When I'm done, I go into the original page and log out.  If this doesn't help, then it's my computer!  :)

Lord Bless,


: Re:How to use this board
: Rachel S November 30, 2002, 11:37:31 PM
I have the same problem as you, and I too have MSN.  :o I have DSL through my cable company but somehow it is through MSN.  Maybe it is incapatability between MSN and the program on this website.  I thought maybe it was just my computer.  I tried enabling cookies, I tried erasing cookies stored on my computer.  I still can not get my messages and I log out all the time.  If I switch pages I log out regardless of how many times I have logged in.  However, when I go to the bottom of the page to log in again I can see it still shows me as a user on the bulletin board. ???  I don't know much about this stuff but maybe it has to do with MSN.  As a matter of fact, I can't even post this while logged in so I have to post as a guest. ::)

: Re:How to use this board
: trockman December 01, 2002, 12:07:09 AM
Hey you all.

I am having trouble too, but if you delete all your cookies and temporary Internet files, you can log in, etc.

I hope that the team gets this problem fixed soon.  If they don't maybe they should get another BB!


: Login problem solution
: buzz December 01, 2002, 12:51:47 AM
I think I've figured out the log in session problem.  The Bulletin Board sets 2 cookies, one for expiration time and one for user info (log in name and password).  If you log in to the board for the first time without checking the box "Always stay logged in" then the cookie expiration is set to expire immedieately.  So it can not set the second cookie which remembers your login information when you change pages.  What you need to do is delete ALL the cookies to this site.  

There are two places you need to delete the cookies in Windows 2000 and XP,  under "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies" and
under "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"  

After deleting both cookies, come back to the bulletin board. You will actually have to log in twice, but make sure you have checked the option to "Always stay logged in" the first time you log in.

I think that will solve your login problems.


: Re:How to use this board
: editor December 01, 2002, 04:51:11 AM
Yep, it works. You gotta delete all the cookies.  Every last one of them.

I didn't even start a new session and it is working on my end.

Of course, you can always continue to post as a guest...but you will never overcome that way...


: Re:How to use this board
: Terry L Huffman December 01, 2002, 08:27:46 AM
I have to admit it, that "man on fire" logo on your posts has had me chuckling for the last 15 minutes. It is almost positively Mauldinish in its humor!  ;D

: You can Log in again
: editor December 03, 2002, 09:18:41 PM
Hello Everyone

Our webmaster seems to have fixed the problem with logging in and out.  

Delete all your cookies once, and you should be good to go, with no trouble.

Of course, you may continue to post as guests if you like, whatever suits you best.  However, loggin in allows you to use some of the other features like Private Messaging, etc.


: Re:How to use this board
: Rachel December 03, 2002, 09:55:01 PM
I can finally stay logged in, post, and get messages!!! :D

Yeah :D

: Re:How to use this board
: Eulaha L. Long December 04, 2002, 10:27:54 PM
Hi Rachel!!

I agree with you sister!  I am finally able to make some contributions to this bulletin board too!  Yippee!!!! ;D


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