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: Members are discouraged from looking on the website!
: Vandyyke April 19, 2008, 09:40:50 AM
  A few months back I contacted a member of the Assembly. He totally freaked on me, "I don't want anything to do with you....." yet after about 5 minutes of trying to reason with him he said, "oh I enjoy reading your posts on the BB!"  "They are well thought out and although I may not agree with you I think you are very articulate." "But you have some spelling issues...."   ;D ;D

     After hearing him say this I realized that even the most dedicated current members visit this BB! So when you read that they are told "Don't visit that website." It doesn't mean that they obey or that there really is the "control" issues asserted. (No doubt in my mind current members will read this!) Last summer a current member contacted me after reading the site and we had lunch together. I could tell from our conversation that he was probably breaking some rules by doing this but in his mind he could care less. Another member told me he was a little peterbed by something I posted but it didn't keep us from just enjoying our work on the Oral History Project. So I hope this thread helps people on both sides come to a better understanding of each other! 

   If you left the Assembly a few years back you really can't judge them by what you remember. Things have changed a lot more than you think. Try visiting a meeting and find out!


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